Letter from the Editor

Katerina Korola

“Language,” says W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz, “may be regarded as an old city full of streets and squares, nooks and crannies, with some quarters dating from far back into time while others have been torn down, cleaned up, and rebuilt, with suburbs reaching further into the surrounding country.”[1] In preparing this volume for publication, Austerlitz’s words were never far from mind, and the essays included herein can be considered along similar lines. All have undergone transformation over the past few months, and to recognize this transformation is to recognize the commitment of the authors and editors whose hard work, criticality, and perseverance has made possible this tenth edition of the Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each one of them, and celebrate the result of their efforts. Your talent, passion, and dedication is what has made CUJAH the publication it is today, and I am confident that it will lead all of you to great achievements as you continue on your personal and professional journeys.

Each moment of CUJAH has been a challenge, but one which each of you, your enthusiasm and application, has made worthwhile.  As we’ve learned over the past months, all good writing is a process and journey. It is, at times, frustrating and exhausting—but it is also rewarding. For my part, I am honoured to have worked with each of you (authors and editors) in this process, and am proud of what we have managed to build together.

Yet impressive an achievement this volume is, as Editor-in-Chief I cannot help but be conscious of the ways in which it fails to adequately represent the efforts of CUJAH’s team, constituents, and advisors throughout the year. As a corrective, I would like to take this moment to applaud all those who helped bring the activities of a particularly ambitious year into fruition. A heartfelt thanks in particular all those who worked on, presented at, and participated in the first CUJAH Undergraduate Art History Conference, especially our Co-Coordinators Clinton Glenn and Claude W. Bock, our Graduate Advisor Erika Ashley Couto, and Dr. Alice Jim, whose help and support throughout the conference weekend was as always invaluable. I would also like to congratulate Alice Zhang on the beautiful design and illustrations of our print edition, and express my gratitude to Samantha Wexler for agreeing to serve as CUJAH’s de facto publicity designer. Another word of thanks goes to Dr. Cynthia Hammond, Dr. Kristina Huneault, and Dr. Steven Stowell for agreeing to work with CUJAH in preparing our first workshop series; to Dr. Anna Waclawek for serving as supervisor of our activities; to Dr. Kristina Huneault and Dr. Catherine MacKenzie for their advice on art historical writing and editing over the past two years; and to Katrina Caruso, CUJAH’s former Editor-in-Chief, for the groundwork she laid last year, and her continued support this year.

Finally, I would also like to extend my gratitude on behalf of CUJAH to the Concordia University Alumni Association, the Concordia Council on Student Life, the Concordia University Small Grants Program, the Department of Art History, the Fine Arts Student Association, and most importantly, the students of Concordia’s Faculty of Fine Arts, for their financial support and continued faith in CUJAH’s activities. I sincerely hope that this journal proves worthy of your confidence.

Without all of your support and contributions, we would not be here today.



Katerina Korola
Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History

[1] W.G. Sebald, Austerlitz, trans. Anthea Bell (New York: Random House, 2001), 124.