Individual Mystery of the Urban Landscape

Kendall Row

Driven deep into my senses through the ambiguous layers of paint, the depths of my subconscious float between Jenny Schade’s endless narratives on canvas displayed at Art Mur from March 10-14. Jenny is a third year painting and drawing student at Concordia University. Her techniques recall the vivid rhythms of dreams created in the burning darkness of the night, as her tainted love scenes investigate the differences of individualistic desire in our urban landscape.

Mixing oil and wax on canvas the fluidity and ease between the shading and tones sweep the audience into a persuasion of timeless emotion, wonders away from the manipulation of structure in our technologically driven society. Jenny Schade pulls inspiration from expressionists such as Anselm Kiefer’s textured landscapes and George Baselitz’s borderline kitsch work. The artist mixes these attributes into her pieces as she delves into the corner fears of humanity’s deepest emotion. In Schade’s eyes, “the layers of paint become layers of time,” as we are moved through the harsh realities of the individual subconscious.

Clouded wisps of paint cast illusion over her scenes of passionate love, communicating themes of complex individualism. Schade’s first canvas, Untitled, portrays two lovers’ faces pressed against each other. The female’s white-washed face is juxtaposed against her lover’s rosy flesh tones, expressing their paralleled uniqueness. Schade’s moonlit canvas, Mindscapes, sets the mood through another theme of the dangerous illusions of love in an unfolding scene of torment between two lovers present at the bottom of a serene gold speckled river. The hair of the female character is diagonally attached to her lover’s head in a tense tug a war of emotional possession. Jenny caters to your senses as drips of flesh hang off the female lover’s body, feeding your darkest desires. Hints of iridescent tone delicately light up parts of the canvas, blurring the boundaries between night and day, time and space. This is brought out through the use of the muggy greens, moody purples, deep-sea blues and gold-lit yellows of her brushstrokes. Her lover’s hand grips the edge of the canvas suggesting his restraint and an inner longing of emotional escape.

Jenny’s paintings comfort the lurking fears of isolation experienced in the coldness of the city as her characters bond together in attempts to find warmth and comfort. Even if you don’t have the money to be a proud owner of Schade’s work, her visual splendors spread warmth into your soul through narratives of unique love that you can hold dear in these fearsome times of our economic depression. Work that will keep you dreaming of your own secret fantasies, Schade’s canvases will soothe any mind longing for a mysterious escape to be enjoyed more with each glance.

Image Courtesy of Kendall Row