Volume V


Letter from the Editor
Rosie Prata

1. The Joke is on You – Humour and Contemporary Art Criticism
Fiona Duncan
2. This is an Egg and so is This
Olivia Pipe
3. Feminism and the Art of “Craftivism”: Knitting for Social Change Under the Principles of the Arts and Crafts Movement
Micaela Hardy-Moffat
4. Religious Satire in Eighteenth Century Spain: Francisco Goya’s Los Caprichos
Andrea Burnham
5. Ernest Thompson Seton: Wilderness Debt
Marion Pynn
6. Working from Home: Acts of Domestication in Diane Borsato’s Three Performances
Bridget Moser
7. Invisible Boundaries, Missing Architecture, and Displaced Communities: Finding Ground to Remember Paradise Valley in Detroit, Michigan
Thea Jones
8. Jean Joseph Constant and the Portrayal of the Other Through the Manipulative Orientalist Gaze
Stephanie Hayot
9. Daphne Odjig’s Nanabush Series: Reclaiming Culture Through Children’s Literature
Sarah Wilkinson
10. Bounded by our Bodies: A Theoretical Essay on Female Identity and Gender Deconstruction
Jill Kestenberg
11. Salvaging Memories: Recycling in Canadian Textile and Fibre Art. Then and Now
Sarah Bergman
12. Deceptive Simplicity: A Study of Mariotto Albertinelli’s Holy Family with the Adoration of the Child
Lisa Pietersma
13. Egon Schiele vs. Inez van Lamsweerde
Eve Tagny

1. Invitation to the MMFA
Carla Sifoni
2. Art Doesn’t Matter
Tess Edmonson
3. Les Irregularités
Rocio Valencia
4. Individual Mystery of the Urban Landscape
Kendall Row
5. Christian Marclay at the DHC/Art Foundation
Ashley Math