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Katrina Caruso studies Art History and Studio Art (BFA) at Concordia University. She currently oversees CUJAH as Editor-in-Chief. Her writing has been published in Combine 2012, and will be featured in Yiara Magazine’s inaugural edition. She will also be presenting her essay at Art and the Body, the Undergraduate Art History Conference with SASA. She worked with LATS as curator for In Advance of a Broken Man (2012). She has found a profound interest in studying women’s crafts, American photography, the wunderkammer, and spatial theories. As an artist, she explores portraiture through painting, collage, and fibers installation.

Katerina Korola is in her third year at Concordia University, studying Art History and Film Studies. Her academic interests include architecture, historiography, and the material manifestations of memory. In her free time she enjoys a (perhaps not so) healthy amount of literature and creative writing. She is currently Assistant Editor of CUJAH and Research Assistant to Professor Mark Sussman. Her academic writing is to be featured in the upcoming edition of Offscreen Magazine.

Angela Simone is completing her BFA in Studio Arts and Arts History. In realizing the significance of the gender construct of ‘woman’, Ms. Simone focuses her art historical research on contemporary ‘women’ artists working in diverse mediums such as painting, assemblage, collage and street art. Ms. Simone investigates what it means to be a ‘women’ artist especially during volatile socio-political moments and, how each artist position themselves and are perceived through their artwork at the time of creation as well as from a contemporary perspective. Ms. Simone incorporates Feminist theories of race, class, gender and visual culture while scrutinizing her own interpretative gaze as a privileged female art historian in her interpretations of the artists and their work.

Asieh Harati is in her second year at Concordia University studying Art History and is a member of Golden Key International Honour Society. She is trilingual in English, French, and Persian, and is interested in the contemporary art in the Middle East, specifically in Iran. Her fascination with photography alongside her studies in visual culture and Orientalism has made her enthusiastic about identity issues in the works of Iranian women photographers. She is mostly concerned with postcolonial theory, institutional critique, and their intersection with the practices of women artists in the Middle East. Asieh also writes film reviews for CKUT radio and is an Associate Editor for CUJAH.

Ashlee Griffiths is currently in her second year at Concordia University studying Art History with a minor in Spanish. She is active in extracurricular activities at Concordia University, including the Art Matters Festival and CUJAH. Her main interests are royal propaganda art and vintage advertising posters. She is currently an Associate Editor for CUJAH.

Ashley Ornawka is currently studying Art History and Film Studies with a minor in Classical Civilization (BFA) and she is in the Co-Operative Education Program at Concordia University. She is passionate about cinema, photography, numeric arts and journalism. With a DEC in communications and the accomplishment of Editor-in-chief of Cégep Marie-Victorin’s student newspaper Le Médium Saignant (2012-2013) under her belt, she loves being on the scene and reviewing cultural events. She is currently an Associate Editor for CUJAH and Feature Writer. She is also part of the Ethnocultural Art History Research Workgroup (EAHR), a fairly new student initiative that curates exhibitions and organizes guests lectures by art professionals among other interesting activities.

Erika Couto will graduate in April 2013 with a BFA in Art History & Film Studies. An avid lover of electroacoustics, textiles, and sculpture, her current research projects explore early Cape Dorset Inuit prints and the documentation of sound in Visual Arts. Highly invested in providing opportunities to undergraduate students to highlight their research, Erika is an Associate Editor with CUJAH and an organizer of the Concordia University Undergraduate Art History Conference. She was recently accepted to the MA in Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s Institute of Art and will begin her studies in New York in September 2013.

Amira Shabason is finishing her BFA in Art History at Concordia. For the past two years, she has been involved with the Concordia Fine Arts community as an employee of the Fine Arts Reading Room, and has spent time working as the Programs Assistant for the Ontario Crafts Council in Toronto. As an art historian, Amira is interested in variations on ideas of the gesamtkunstwerk, or the total work of art. As such, her creative outlets often take the form of art objects that can be incorporated into everyday life. She has previously worked for a jewelry designer in Toronto and a landscape designer in Caledon, Ontario. She continues to apply the knowledge she gained through these two experiences in her own creative practices.


Kyle Goforth is a design student at Concordia University. He is currently working for CUJAH, designing Volume IX’s print version, logo, and posters. He also works for Interfold Magazine as Graphic Designer.


Aditi Ohri is an undergraduate student of Studio Art and Art History at Concordia University. She is inspired by politically-engaged art practices and institutional critique. Her favourite colours are fluorescent beige, champagne pink, and watermelon green.

Anna Campbell is currently in her third year at Concordia University studying Art History (BFA) with a minor in Canadian Irish Studies. As an art historian, her interests are vary from Baroque architecture and 19th-Century Romantic painting, to street art, advertising and new media. She is particularly interested in how popular culture engages in discourses of identity. Anna has worked two summers with the Visitor Services department at the National Gallery of Canada as an Information Officer. She is now working as a Copy Editor for CUJAH, with hopes to further engage in a wealth of cultural study.

Claude W. Bock currently studies Art History (BFA) and Archaeology (minor). He also studied Painting and Graphic Design at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His primary area of interest is public art. He encourages everyone to get out and explore the almost 300 works of public art in Montréal. Since moving to Montréal last year, he has developed a very strong interest in Québecois art and art history. He is launching a website this winter that explores the art and art history of Québec. Most recently, he helped set up an exhibition at Petit Musée de l’Île-Dupas, in Lanaudière.

Elena Sorak is currently studying Art History as an undergraduate at Concordia University. She is concerned with understanding the subject as it intersects with feminism. Additionally, she is increasingly interested in how art and architecture relate to their urban environment, and has been grateful in her ability to explore this within the context of Montreal. During the remainder of her time at Concordia, she hopes to familiarize herself with the contemporary art scene of the city and learn through the accomplishment of her peers. She is currently a Copy Editor for CUJAH.

Emma Baser-Rose is completing her degree in Art History at the undergraduate level. Her research interests include a broad range of topics, from visual and material cultures in the Islamic Arts, to the cultural theories of feminism and post-colonialism. In 2010, she accepted a summer internship in Istanbul working as a research assistant for Turkey’s History Foundation. The following year, she completed another internship for the Islamic Arts Magazine. This year, Emma is both thrilled and delighted to be part of CUJAH as a Copy Editor.

Helen Watts is in her first year of Concordia’s Art History (BFA) and Co-Operative Education program. After four years of performance art training, she has found her calling in studying art history as a major. She is drawn specifically towards Post-Impressionism, 20th century art, and the vast realm that is street art and installation. Helen is currently working as a Copy Editor for CUJAH.

Jackie Lajeunesse studies History and Art History (BA) at Concordia University. As an artist, she enjoys exploring abstract landscapes with paint and ink. Her true passions are reading and music; she plays piano and sings. She is a member of the Montreal Yellow Door Choir. She has worked at Office Products Warehouse for the past six years, and plans on becoming an owner after graduation.

Jennifer Rassi is a first year student at Concordia University studying Art History (BFA). During her time at Concordia, she looks forward to expanding her mind to a variety of art movements and exploring different theories. Her favourite mediums are photography and intaglio copper etching. She is currently a Copy Editor for CUJAH.

Jera MacPherson is a prairie girl lured to the metropolis by the great undergraduate Art History program at Concordia. She is hoping to pull her eyes back into their sockets and enjoy, write, and talk about the amazing and overwhelming arts community that spans both the University and the city. She loves René Magritte’s semiotic jokes, Egon Schiele’s stylistically broken bodies, and the chiseled wood carving look of Tamara de Lempicka’s curls. In her books, Art History is the best. In fact, she hopes to have her bookshelves full.

Kris Millar’s academic pursuits have predominately centered on art historical intersections with identity through sexuality. She is currently a Copy Editor for CUJAH. Kristen co-curated a collaborative queer art exhibition at the VAV Gallery in 2012. Her goals for her studies at Concordia revolve around curatorial interventions: challenging the way artworks interact with their viewers and the engagement of social activism through visual works. Kristen enjoys discussing beyond institutions, and how visual culture is more than just an academic pursuit… it’s a daily engagement.

Margaux Ancel is a first year student studying Political Science and Art History (BFA) at Concordia University. She is bilingual in French and English and is passionate about expanding her knowledge of both languages. Her interests vary from photography to journalism. She studied photography throughout high school and received recognition for it in her hometown art exhibits. She plans to join the Journalism program at Concordia for the 2012-2013 academic year. She was the Art Editor for her high school art and literature magazine The Odyssey for two years and was the assistant layout editor for the yearbook.

Nina Patterson is in her second year at Concordia University studying Art History and Film Studies. She is interested in exploring the instances where art and film connect. Her passion for world cinema and documentary correlates with her love for travel. She also is interested in studying the different mediums of art, including photography and avant-garde film. Originally from Vancouver, Nina is a Copy Editor for CUJAH.

Sarah Catherine de Montigny Racher Sarah Catherine de Montigny Racher studies Art History (BFA) in the co-op program at Concordia University. Her main study interests are issues of racial representation, as well as Aboriginal arts, and museum conservation practices. She is currently a media relation coordinator for EAHR (Ethnocultural Art Histories Research), a 100% student-driven working group based at Concordia, which seeks to increase the visibility and support of students and faculty who are engaging with ethnocultural art histories across various disciplines. In addition to coordinating media relations for EAHR, she chairs on the group’s organizing committee. She also participates in CUJAH as a Copy Editor and Web Curator.

Stephanie Gagné is in her third year at Concordia University studying Art History (BFA) with a minor in Film Studies. She has a range of artistic interests, from 18th century French paintings, to essentially all the stylistic painting movements of the 20th century, as well as 1970’s American and Quebecois cinema. As an Art Historian, she focuses her research on examining artworks through a post-colonial/feminist perspective. Throughout her remaining time at Concordia, she hopes to become further involved with the Fine Arts community and meet other art enthusiasts. She currently works as a Copy Editor for CUJAH.

Veronica Della Foresta is completing her third year as an Art History student at Concordia University. Her academic research explores the intersection of religion and art, with a particular emphasis placed on the religious imagination and the mystical experience. Her topics of interest include Islamic calligraphy and ceramics, the transcendental quality of the artistic process, and theories of the Sublime. As a book enthusiast and soon-to-be graduate, she aspires to pursue a MA in Preservation, specializing in the care of rare books and special collections. She is currently working as a Copy Editor for CUJAH.

Zara Wexler is in the process of completing her BFA in Art History. She is interested in various movements of art, including Pre-Raphaelitism, Impressionism, German Expressionism, and Art Nouveau. After completing her undergraduate degree, she will continue her education in the field of design, specifically exploring decorative arts and architecture. She is currently a Copy Editor for CUJAH.


Katrina Jurjans is currently studying both Art History and Studio Art at Concordia University. She is extremely interested in the cultural relevance of art, and the production of art as a political tool. Prior to her education at Concordia, she completed two years of university studying Art History, Studio Arts and Complementary Medicine. Although the subjects initially appear to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, she believes there is a strong affiliation between the two, and maintains a deep interest in the physical manifestation of abstraction in both therapy and art. She hopes these interests remain central to her studies at Concordia.

Kristen Ahmad-Gawel is in her third year at Concordia University studying Art History (BFA). During her studies, she has developed an interest in post-colonialism and its intersection with contemporary art practices, as well as how the disciplinary boundaries between disparate art practices are transcended, with the goal of comprehensively exploring the postmodern condition. She is currently a Feature Writer at CUJAH.

Laura O’Brien is in her fourth year at Concordia University, majoring in Art History (BFA) with a minor in English Literature. She is interested in 20th century art as well as contemporary art, more specifically installation art, performance art, and street art. She is currently interning at Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran and has worked in the Visitors Service department at the National Gallery of Canada. Laura is excited to be working with CUJAH as a Feature Writer.

Marie-Hélène Busque is currently in her third year at Concordia University studying Art History (BFA). She is interested in curatorial practices and fashion studies, and intersections with photography, performance art and identity within the art museum. With two internships under her belt – at Galerie Pangée and Yves Laroche Galerie d’Art – she is currently interning at the McCord Museum where she is working on the upcoming exhibition First Nations – Wearing Our Identity. She has also been published in the Combine 2011 exhibition catalogue. She is one of CUJAH’s Feature Writers.

Nathan Hansen is a fourth year student studying Art History and English Literature at Concordia University. As a writer, he is interested in exploring artistic practices primarily through an open dialogue with artists themselves. He is focused on the creative process and the initial source of creative inspiration that leads an artist to realize their final product. Nathan has composed texts based off interviews with a number of artists including some from Concordia’s Studio Arts program. He has worked as a student curator at Vancouver’s Seymour Art Gallery (2011), and has most recently had an article published in the Spring 2012 edition of Illustration Magazine UK. He is now a Feature Writer with CUJAH and is looking forward to a promising new edition.

Raíssa Paes is from Brazil, completing her fourth year in Art History (BFA). She is interested in feminist art and art history. Understanding the role of feminist art, recuperating forgotten female artists and criticizing traditional notions of art through contemporary and historical practices are among her strongest interests. She is Editor-in-Chief and idealizer of Yiara Magazine, a feminist art and art history magazine at Concordia, as well as a Feature Writer for CUJAH. Her writing is published in the Combine 2012 exhibition catalog.

Samantha Haughn is in her second year at Concordia, pursuing a BFA with a major in Art History and minor in Sociology. She is drawn to many facets of Art History, but has a special interest in feminist perspectives, museum studies, and the early Modern period. New to Montreal, she loves the fantastic opportunities of enjoying art that the city has to offer, and is excited about working with CUJAH as a Feature Writer.