Letter from the Editor

Behold! The second coming of the Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History! This collection is intended to showcase the diverse interests of the undergraduate students of the Art History department, and to reflect the barrage of subjects taught by the department’s illustrious faculty.

This year, we have almost doubled the amount of essays included in the journal, and are chugging along to continue to expand the CUJAH empire. Hats off to the featured authors for their vibrant contributions and receptive cooperation throughout the editorial process. It is my hope that this experience has contributed to your learning this school year, and that it has encouraged you in your pursuit of authorial and academic endeavors.

A few thanks are in order: Thank you to Dr. Loren Lerner for her patience and support in overseeing the production of this journal, and to Dr. Martha Langford for her advice, encouragement, and friendly ear. Thank you to FASA for providing financial support, and to Bar Mystique for donating their time and space to our fundraiser. Thank you to Erica Brisson for her energetic and fitting cover image. Special thank you to Diane Borsato, Mark I. Chester, Nan Goldin, Angela Grossmann, John Oswald and the Edward Day Gallery, Polixeni Papapetrou, and Carolee Schneemann for their generosity in lending their work to this publication. Special thank you to James McKinney for his almighty skill in designing the online version of this journal. Extra special thank you to Sheena Ellison for being an assistant editor on whom I could rely and without whom this journal would be in pieces all over my office floor.

Look out for CUJAH in the 2006-2007 school year—we’ll be pestering you for essays for Issue 3!

Erin Silver
CUJAH 2005-2006