Letter from the Editor

This journal owes itself to the vision, initiative, and perseverance of its student editors, the assistance of faculty members from Concordia’s department of Art History, and the generous support of Concordia’s Alumni Association. Featuring a selection of undergraduate research papers that address a range of topics within the field of art history, the CUJAH will be a yearly publication that highlights the potential of Concordia’s undergraduates for continued studies in art history. As CUJAH’s first instalment, this issue will not only set the standard for successive issues but affirm itself as an essential contribution to student life within the Faculty of Fine Arts.

While the thoughts and arguments presented in this journal are not authoritative, they reflect a diversity of approaches and concerns that are active among the department of art history’s undergraduate students. As with any gathering of minds, the authors presented here boast individual strengths which together form a community of divergent and overlapping concerns.

Despite their humble beginnings, the papers presented in this inaugural issue reflect an exceptional level of confidence, keen interest and conviction on the part of their authors. On behalf of the journal’s staff, I offer them my deepest congratulations. I also extend my regards to all the other candidates who submitted their papers to the journal. Your participation is greatly valued. Last but not least, I offer my heartfelt gratitude to Daniel Epstein and Leigh Ann Pawliuk whose collegial and unwavering commitment made this project an unforgettably fulfilling experience. Bravo and thank you!

Tina D. Lee
CUJAH 2004-2005