About the Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History

Mission Statement

The Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History is a student-run annual publication that aims to showcase the talents of Concordia University’s undergraduate Art History and Fine Arts students. The CUJAH is composed of an executive committee of editors, copy editors, feature writers, and is assisted by faculty members in the Department of Art History.

As a journal, we strive for academic excellence. CUJAH only selects essays for our published volumes which have received an A- or A+ letter grade from an undergraduate Art History class at Concordia University. We have been publishing since 2004-2005, and have just released our tenth volume. Over the past year CUJAH has also expanded into the realm of feature writing, promoting artists and events within the Concordia Fine Arts community and in Montreal at large.

In addition to the publication of our annual journal and web publication of features, CUJAH will be hosting its 5th Annual Undergraduate Art History Conference, which has as its theme Art, the Sacred, and the Profane. For more information about the conference and how to submit a paper, please visit the “Conference” section.

In 2014-2015, CUJAH & FASA launched their first joint publication, titled The Voice Of…, a publication aimed at showcasing the talent and work of student-artists and art historians at Concordia.


  • To encourage Fine Arts undergraduate students to participate and produce a peer-edited academic journal, as writers and/or editors.

  • To promote Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Arts across Canada and in Montreal. To provide other universities and communities with material for promotion and learning about the talent that is coming out of Concordia University.

  • To encourage Fine Arts undergraduate students to put forth their best academic work within their Art History classes with the intention of having their work published in CUJAH. This offers an opportunity to participate in art historical discourse within a formal context.

  • To offer Fine Arts undergraduate students the opportunity to improve their CV, allowing for the opportunity to enter into graduate studies or the job market, having experienced the process of peer-editing in an academic context, or having been published online and/or in print.


As a FASA Affiliate, the CUJAH raises its own fee levy in the Faculty of Fine Arts. We are funded by all undergraduate Fine Arts students through a fee levy of $0.06 per credit. As such, our publications, events, and workshops are free of charge for Fine Arts students and for the Concordia community at large.

Want to submit your essays or artwork? The Submissions Guidelines are a must-read.